Alien Defence


This game was created during my first year at university for the module titled 'Media Production for Games' using FlashDevelop with ActionScript3. It is a 2D top-down survival shooter where you play as a space man on the moon trying to fend off waves of aliens with your space gun. The space gun is upgradable and there are 3 electric radiation turrets that can be activated to help you in eliminating the aliens. A* pathfinding is used to guide the aliens towards the player.

There is no pre-loader, be patient.

Menu: Move mouse over an option and click to select

Game Controls:
Point towards the mouse
W - Move forward (Run with Q & W)
Running expends energy which replenishes over time
S - Move backwards
E - Activate turrets (2500 points)
Left Click - Shoot
P - Pause
Enter - Return to memu after game over

Upgrading Gun:
0 points - Space Pistol 1 rps
500 points - Space Shooter 2 rps
2000 points - Space Blaster 3 rps
5000 points - Space Destroyer 5 rps
10000 points - Space Slayer 10 rps

Music by lateksi2.

Laser Sound Effects by Game Maker.