Calum Leask

Hi, I'm Calum and I have been working as a software engineer at WRLD for the past five years. I graduated from Abertay University in 2016 with a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Games Technology.

I am confident in C++, Javascript, React, HTML, CSS and SASS, and have experience with C# (Unity), Objective-C, Java, Ruby, Python and Shell Scripting.

I enjoy solving problems, develop systems and writing robust code. In my spare time I like to play around with SFML, WebGL, React and React Native to implement game mechanics, apps and fun 3D graphics projects. When I'm not busy programming I spend my time outdoors with my wife, running or cooking.

During my time as a student I developed on the Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 4.

I was also involved in a team of students creating AMPS (A Musical Platforming Symphony) for PC and PlayStation 4 which was demoed at the Dare Indie Showcase in 2015.